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                                 Stud Terms & Conditions



 - Arrival time:  The best time for mares to arrive at the stud is just before they are due to

come into season.  They will be constantly monitored to obtain the optimum timing for

covering or insemination.

 - Livery fees are as follows;    Grass livery under 14.2h  -    £4 per day

                                            Grass livery over 14.2h    -    £5 per day

                                            Stabled under 14.2h    -    £8 per day

                                            Stabled over 14.2h      -    £10 per day


- Passports to arrive with the mare at stud.

 - Mare booking form:all owners/agents are required to fill in and sign our form when they

bring the mare to stud. If the mare is sent third party, the form must be completed and signed

 and  received by the stud before the mare arrives.

Any mare arriving from abroad or which have been imported within 12 months prior to coming to

 stud must have a negative EVA result before they arrive.


- Hind shoes must be removed, any mare arriving with hind shoes will not be allowed out to

grass until we can get them removed. At the discretion of the stud mares/foals feet will be

trimmed regularly. Front shoes may remain on and will be replaced as necessary. All

blacksmiths charges will be added to the livery account.


- All owners are advised to insure their animals prior to arrival at Stud. Although every care is

 taken, mares, foals & any equipment are left at the Stud as the owner’s risk. No

responsibility can be accepted for accident or disease & mares can only be taken on this



- Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the


 - Optional veterinary packages are available- please ask for details.

- To qualify for the NFFR basis, all mares must have a positive pregnancy scan at a stage to

 detect a heartbeat prior to leaving the stud, or if local, return by arrangement.






                                                MARES NOT VISITING


 - Nomination agreement must be completed  online (please see nomination forms).

 - Return nomination agreement along with a cheque  to cover stud fee, semen collection,

analysis, preperation, shipping and hire of Equitainer.

 - Any deposit accounts in credit on October 1st of the season will be returned with covering

certificates unless to be held over for the following season.

 - The cost per cycle is £70 to include: Semen collection, analysis, preperation, hire of

equitainer and outward shipping.  Please note; Saturday before 9am deliveries are not

guaranteed in some areas (but it will arrive that day), please check with your local post office

for details.

 - Please ensure Equitainers are returned within 3 days, as delays in Equitainer returns will

result in clients being charged at £15 per day.  Non return of Equitainer will result in client

being charged for replacement.


 -  Covering certificates will be issued on receipt of a veterinary certificate stating the

 mare has scanned in foal.


 - No covering certificates will be issued unless all accounts are settled in full, thus your foal

will not be eligable for registration. Failure to settle accounts will result in the forfeit of your

free semen return for the following stud season. 

  - Further semen will be sent on receipt of a veterinary certificate stating that the mare is not in


 - Semen requests MUST be made by 12 noon to ensure next day delivery. Any requests

made after this time may result in the unavailability of semen. Please ensure your vet is

aware when arranging scanning times for your mare, that we cannot guarantee next day

semen delivery if your order is placed after 12 noon, this may result in wasted vet fees when

your mare ovulates before the semen arrives!  Please keep us updated on your mares

progress when she is in season, as we then have an idea when you will need the semen.



Veterinary Work


All veterinary work at the Stud, unless otherwise stated, will be carried out by Gillivervet

( J. Gilliver) Mares not a package will be billed per treatment Gillivervet  direct to the mare

owner. All mares, will, on veterinary advice be given any medication or treatment which may

be necessary for the cycling or fertility of the mare & if left at the Stud after service will be

 scanned at the appropriate time.

In the case of an emergency, if in our professional opinion a vet is required one will be called

 at the owner’s expense. Medication or injections will be administered by our staff on

veterinary advice.




All stud fees are payable when the mare arrives. They are on a No Foal Free Return (NFFR)

basis which applies to any mare arriving & taking up a nomination at stud even if service/AI

has not taken place. The free return applies to the same mare this & the following year. Any

other arrangements are made at the discretion of the stud.

All keep charges are to be paid in full at the end of the mares stay, monthly livery accounts

 will be issued. Any mare not removed within 7 days of notification that she is ready to go

home (unless by prior arrangement) will incur 50% surcharge on livery fees after that date.

Any outstanding stud or veterinary accounts not settled by 1st October will forfeit issuing of

 service certificate or eligibility for a free return.


Booking Fee


A £75 booking fee is required to secure a Nomination. The booking fee is non returnable

 unless a veterinary certificate is supplied stating a veterinary reason for the nomination not to

 be taken. The booking fee is deducted from the stud fee.



 Cancellation Fee 


Once the stud fee has been received, any cancellation for whatever reason, will incur a cancellation fee of £75.

Wylderswoode Stud will either issue a full refund, or offer replacement semen from one of our resident stallions, if available,  if for whatever reason we are unable to provide the semen from the requested stallion.  This does not apply to issues with postage.





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