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                       AI FRESH OR CHILLED SEMEN



Artificial Insemination (AI) greatly increases your possible choice of stallion. You

can choose a stallion from anywhere in the UK or abroad without having to travel

your mare great distances. Many popular stallions are only available by AI, since this

method decreases the risk to the stallion. AI has success rates comparable to natural

service, and the detailed veterinary attention mares receive means those with fertility

problems may be more likely to conceive.


Insemination Procedure

The mare needs to come to us when she is just coming into season. If your mare

shows in season at home this is easy to plan. If she does not show or you are not sure,

we may need to scan her to tell what stage she is at in her cycle.

Once at the stud the mare’s ovaries will be scanned to determine the size of any

follicles on them. Growth of the follicles will be monitored closely until one follicle

reaches approximately 35 millimetres in diameter.

Some mares may receive a washout – that is a dose of antibiotic placed in the

uterus to help prevent infection. Some mares are prone to fluid pooling in the uterus

after insemination and they may require additional treatment.

All insemination is done by myself at the stud with as little intervention from our stud vet

as possible to keep your costs down. 

We try to keep scans to a minimum and usually we can share visits from the vet to the

stud with other mares needing attention, again to keep cost down.


Chilled Semen

Semen is collected from the stallion, mixed with an extender and then placed in an

insulated box containing icepacks in order to keep it cool during transport. Chilled

semen needs to go from the stallion to inside the mare within twenty-four hours. Any

longer than this and it’s fertility will decline sharply. This means that semen is

ordered the day before it is needed – ideally the mare is examined early in the

morning, it is confirmed that she has a good size follicle, semen is ordered for next

day delivery by overnight courier, and the mare is given the drug to help ensure

ovulation at the optimum time.

The chief drawback to this method is that courier services will not do overnight

deliveries at the weekend. In practice this means that semen may only be available

from Tuesday to Friday. Mares’ ovaries do not operate on a four day week and this

can make timing ovulation so it does not fall at a weekend a challenge.

If the stallion is close by, it may be possible for the owner to drive and pick the semen

up – with the advantage that semen can be inseminated on the same day as it is


Pregnancy Testing

The first pregnancy scan is done on either the fifteenth or sixteenth day after

insemination. The timing of this is extremely important because if your mare has

twins, one has to be pinched out before seventeen days of age. A second scan is done

between twenty-five and thirty days to check the pregnancy and identify a healthy

heartbeat. A third scan at approximately forty days is advised.

Once she has been inseminated and ‘checked off’, your mare can either go home until

the time for pregnancy scanning, or remain at the stud. However if she returns home

you will have to pay for a visit and the cost of the pregnancy scan. We would advise

that mares remain at stud at least for the first scan, because if they are not in foal a

second insemination may be necessary very shortly after scanning.


      Arrangements for AI


Notification – Full co-operation between the mare owner, the Stud and the Veterinary

Surgeon carrying out the AI is essential. It is important that the Stud is kept informed of

the mares progress and is informed as soon as the mare comes into season. Under

normal circumstances semen ordered by 12 mid day will be delivered by 9am the next day

excluding Sun & Mon deliveries.


Transport/Semen availability – Unless collection is being arranged by yourselves,

semen will be sent by overnight delivery. The cost of this service for delivery Tuesday to

Friday is included in the fees below, Saturday delivery is £10 extra. It should be noted

that there is no delivery by overnight companies Sunday or Monday therefore there

would be an additional cost if semen is required on these days which would have to be

met by the mare owner.

Quotes for same day delivery can be obtained but again costs would be met by the

mare owner.



The fees below include 3 days Equitainer hire, it is the responsibility of the mare owner

 to return the Equitainer by recorded delivery within this time. Any extra days will be

charged at £15 per day and any lost or damaged will be charged to the mare owner.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for delays or the non delivery of semen due to

unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Pregnancy Diagnosis – Further semen will be sent on receipt of a veterinary certificate

stating that the mare is not in foal.

Covering certificates will be issued on receipt of a veterinary certificate stating the

 mare has scanned in foal.



The Stud Fee + £25 to cover the hire of the Equitainer, first collection of semen &

delivery must be paid before any Semen will be released. All fees are NFFR. If

subsequent semen is required £45 is payable plus shipping.


The booking fee is non returnable unless a veterinary certificate is supplied stating a

veterinary reason for the nomination not to be taken.

Any outstanding accounts not settled by 1st October will forfeit the issuing of service

certificates of eligibility for a free return.


Booking Fee – A £75 Booking fee is required to secure a Nomination.




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